New Beginnings

Welcome to the first Ragtag River post!

As we spend the seasons slowly ambling towards our dream family homestead, each year feels like we’re getting just a little bit closer. We still have a long ways to go, but over the past seven years we’ve gone from a few city chickens and a couple scraggly tomato plants to two little ones, a country acre with meat rabbits, a dozen chickens, and a large scruffy garden. And we’ve dabbled in some friendly blackberry goats and stubborn meat lambs along the way. “Homesteaders” would be a big word for us right now, so let’s just add “aspiring”.

Why start a blog now? I’ve been a longtime reader of some great homesteading and parenting blogs out there and felt inspired. Especially with the recent birth of my daughter, Marigold, the challenges of parenting a newborn and a three year old have renewed my admiration of the parents in this corner of the internet who so effortlessly seem to manage the roles of parent, homesteader, farmer, educator. They inspired me so darn much I decided to take the leap and start contributing my own thoughts and experiences here on Ragtag River.

For me the purpose of Ragtag River is threefold. I hope to become a part of the fantastic, supportive online farming and homesteading community. I hope to share with some experiences that might be amusing (mostly) and maybe even useful (sometimes). And Accountability. Sometimes I can be the tricky combination of procrastinator and dreamer which means I tend to go big on ideas but have trouble following through. I know having an audience –even a very small one–will help motivate me to get it together.

I should probably warn you to expect a little more irreverence and mud and haphazard design than than the beautiful cottage gardens and Montessori set-ups I aspire to. But darnit, I want to TRY to make my garden more successful and home more beautiful! TRY to create fun, homemade activities for my children! And I want my whole family to feel inspired, fulfilled and also full. Of delicious food. I want some degree of self sufficiency that will naturally still include the internet and a well stocked spice cupboard.

Topics will include homesteading, animals, gardening, crafting, cooking, recipes, family, parenting, homeschooling, unschooling, and grandiose plans of Hobbit living–getting those draft horses, dairy cow, glorious kitchen garden, and sweet historic farmstead we can’t yet afford–but hey, I said I’m good at dreaming big! 

I hope you will join me on this ragtag adventure. Here’s to new beginnings!

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