We had a real sunrise today! Nothing particularly striking, but it gave me a happy twingle given the forecast had predicted a solid block of precipitation for the foreseeable future. Today the arrival of dawn brought muted pink and lavender. They replaced the usual monotonous expanse that seems only to vacillate between light gray and dark gray. And boy was it was a glorious morning–balmy and alive with the anticipation of spring.

The sun’s return seems to have accelerated over the past two weeks.  It’s always a strange feeling this time of year. The cold rain falls and the days run together only to be suddenly punctuated with a surprise spring morning like today’s. Bulbs are peeking out of the sodden earth; two chickens started laying again, but we can’t forget it’s still winter.

Because it is still winter, everything is possible. Possibly perfect tomatoes and cabbages, possibly no pests, and no drought, possibly just enough spring rain for happy carrots. I am excited for the year ahead.

I inventoried my seeds today and I have more than enough to keep me busy. So I probably shouldn’t order a whole lot. But I also have some beautiful seed catalogs. So maybe just a few new packets…

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